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The Library has announced its reopening plans (click here).  The reopening of the Book Shop and acceptance of donations will begin sometime after the Library allows browsing.  FAADL plans will be posted here as they are developed.



The Friends Book Shop, which has operated most weekends for over 30 years, and daily since October, 2014, is staffed by volunteers who sort, price, shelve, and cashier.  It is a vibrant, busy Independent book store that annually recycles over 200,000 donated materials, selling them at bargain prices.

PRICES:  Most hardbacks and trade paperbacks are $2.  Most mass market paperbacks are 50¢

2020 Special Sales:

February 22 & 23, 2020 – Bag Sale in the Lobby                                                                        
May 16 & 17, 2020 – Higher Price Sale in the Multi-purpose Room  Cancelled 
July 11 & 12, 2020 – Bag Sale in the Lobby  Cancelled  – All future sale dates are tentative due to the coronavirus outbreak.
September 12 & 13, 2020 – Higher Price Sale in the Multi-purpose Room
December 12 & 13, 2020 – Holiday Sale in the Multi-purpose Room

Friends members are eligible for early admission to the Special Sale at 9:10 am on Saturday. Join here.


ebay 11-27-15


Rare and valuable books are sold on eBay, Books by Chance, and Craig’s List, where they are competitively priced for the wider marketplace, and allow the Friends to generate additional monies to support the AADL.




Free Books!

If you’re looking for free books, check out the Free Shelves in the lobby of the Downtown Library, to the right of the Book Shop.  That’s where we put books that don’t meet our high standards for the “gently-used” books that we sell in the Book Shop, but are too good to put in the recycle bin.  The selection is always changing, so check it out often.



The Book Shop

Our extensive selection includes CDs, DVDs, and of course, books, including literature, fiction, mysteries, science fiction, performing arts, classics, children’s books, art, beliefs, cookbooks, how-to, biology, health, science, math, computer science, general non-fiction, world languages, travel, reference, biography, history, sociology, political science, gender studies, psychology, self-help, poetry, curriculum, and more.

There are thousands of items for sale and the inventory is restocked weekly, with a steady supply of new titles and interesting selections.

In addition to the Book Shop at the Downtown Library, we also sell a small selection of books at Malletts Creek, Westgate, and Pittsfield Branches.

Through our sales of over 200,000 used books, DVDs, and CDs annually, the Friends support children’s programming at the Ann Arbor District Library including Summer Reading and 2nd grade visits.  Click on About Us for more information.



When are the shelves restocked?
All restocking in the Friends Book Shop is done by volunteers.

The frequency with which new material is placed in the Shop depends on when a Subject Specialist comes during the week.  It may be delayed if that person is out of town, ill, or has some other personal emergency.
Please be aware of this, and we hope that you truly appreciate all the time, energy, and expertise that goes into making this a terrific community service!

What happened to the old Book Shop space?

It’s now known as the “Secret Lab.” It’s been designed for all kinds of (mostly) children’s

activities, sometimes messy ones, to take place.


What happens to donated books? Do they go directly to the Library shelves?

No, donated books are sold in the Friends Book Shop, and the proceeds are donated to the

Library. Over the past several years, over $100,000 has been donated annually. The money

supports children’s programming, such as the Summer Game (the summer reading program),

Second Grade visits to the Library, and “It’s All Write!” Teen Short Story Writing Contest.


How do the donated books get from the loading dock to the shelves of the Book Shop?

1. Volunteers sort the donations at the dock for quality and condition. Gently-used books in

good condition are sent to the lower level sorting area. Books which are in fairly good shape,

but don’t meet the condition standards required for the Book Shop, are put on the Free Cart, in

the lobby of the Downtown Library. Books which have been wet, or are dirty, moldy, or smelly,

are recycled.

2. In the lower level sorting area, the books are sorted into the same subjects that are in the

Book Shop. There is one, or more, subject specialist for each subject. The subject specialists

know their subjects well and restock the shelves of the Book Shop weekly, with the best quality

donated books.


How is the Book Shop staffed?

The Book Shop is staffed by volunteers. Being open seven days a week means that we need a

lot of volunteers. If you would like to be a volunteer cashier, please “Send us a message” on the

Contact Us page.

Book Shop Hours:
M 10-9    T-F  12-6  Sa 9-6     Su 12-6
Books - Most $2
        or less
CDs - $2
DVDs - Most $2

Location: First Floor
Downtown Library
 343 South Fifth Av Ann Arbor, MI 48104 [Map/Directions]

Ann Arbor District Library: